Free Download Romantic Island Subtitle Indonesia

Free Download Romantic Island Subtitle Indonesia
Free Download Film Korea Romantic Island Subtitle Indonesia | The story is about four young men and a married couple on vacation in the island of Boracay, Philipine. They all have reasons why each of them are on the island. Soo Jin, was the first child of three brothers. He became the backbone of his family so that he is always working diligently at work. But now he is being saturated with life. He plans to go on vacation while with a friend to the Philipine to eliminate boredom.
Jae Hyuk is a CEO of a large company. But suddenly he gets a call international from Manila who reported that his father was there died. He was immediately flown to the Philipine to see his father's funeral.
Ga Young is a well-known celebrity who was filled with a very dense schedule. Not to mention the rumors are not good about himself already made ​​him sick. Therefore, he quietly slipped away and went to Philipine to hide temporarily and free of solid schedulenya.
Jung Hwan is a university educated youth. But he is now unemployed for 5 years. Only works parttime in a few places. One day he decided to visit his friend in Philipine.

Information Romantic Island Subtitle Indonesia
Release Date : 24 December 2008 (South Korea)
Director : Seon-gyun Lee, Soo-kyung Lee, Min-ki Lee
Genre : Drama | Comedy | Romance
Language : Indonesia, English

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